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Linked Ridge Racers!

Linked Ridge Racers!

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Linked Ridge Racer mods are here and now better then ever! This mod will use the Buy Stuff Arcade encoder to mod your original wheel/control deck to work with the Retro Lizard racing build with 190 racing classics and 22 linked classics! 

  • 2 PC specs: I5 3470 8gb ram, GPU 1050ti low profile, 1TBSSD internal, and the Retro Lizard Racing build!
  • 2 Buy Stuff Encoders,
  • TP Link router and cables, 
  • 2Vizio sound bars or equivalent, 
  • 2 VSD display converters,
  • 2 Remote outlets. 

Shipping back to the customer is included. The customer is responsible for the cost to ship their control deck to us. 

Time to complete: 12 weeks from date of order. 

Warranty: 1 year warranty included on all parts used. 

DISCLAIMER: we do not sell games. Games are free. We include as many free games as possible that are compatible with the controls used. The customer is only paying for parts, materials, and labor to complete the service for them. 

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