Frequent Questions

SHIPPING TIME FRAMES: Please review each product for its shipping time frames. Please note that business days are applied. Business days do not include Saturday or Sunday. This also includes Holiday's. 

E-MAIL STATUS: If you placed an order and contact us within the time frame to ship for a status, the email will not be responded too.

* Please refer to the products description for the time frame to ship. Any emails related to the status of external drives will not be responded too. 

* Please note that orders will not ship before the expected time frame. IE: 15 business days means it will take 15 business days to ship. If your order is not shipped by the 15th business day, this means the bulk shipment of blank drives to complete your order was delayed in shipping but will ship as soon as received. 

* If you did not receive a tracking number or email from us/shopify then your order did not ship yet. 

* Will you receive a tracking number? YES! All orders have tracking numbers. 

* If an e-mail is received that only says "Where's my order" with no further context. Your e-mail will not be responded too. Please be kind and courteous in your communication.  

DELAYS: Please be aware that unexpected delay's can happen. Bulk orders of drives can take too long to be received to begin the customers order.

Unexpected delays to build orders which causes all orders after to become delayed also.

ARCADE STATUS UPDATE: All customers are contacted when the order is ready to begin. If you have not heard from us yet, we have not started your order. Quality over speed. 

DID WE FORGET ABOUT YOUR ORDER: No. Please see above. 

PAYMENTS:  All orders are placed through this website for payment and tracking purposes. We do not accept wire transfers, cashapp, venmo, or zelle.