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Arcade 4 player Pedestal with Retro Lizard 2TB drive and 11,000 classics!

Arcade 4 player Pedestal with Retro Lizard 2TB drive and 11,000 classics!

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This pedestal is a direct plug n play to any TV with HDMI. 

This pedestal Includes trackball, spinner, 4 way arcade stick, 2 IR light guns (calibration only required), 2 XB1 controllers, and 4 player arcade set up. 

Classics include: mame, technoP, and Atari 2600 - GC. 

This pedestal includes a brand new ryzen 5 pc, 8gb of ram, 256 SSD and 2TB SSD filled with 11,000 classics! 

SHIPPING: shipping is extra and not included. Please contact us for a quote. Shipping cost is not due until the arcade is complete. Shipping to the United States only. 

WARRANTY: 1 year warranty included. 

LIGHT GUN DISCLAIMER: Our Arcades now supporting Gun4IR Plug and Play!

-          GUN4IR Official High Powered Black LED Sensors Pre Installed.

-          USB flush mount jack with optional Recoil Power Jack.

-          Easy 2 min calibration, settings are saved direct to the gun, no background software needed after calibration is completed once.

-          We do NOT sell GUN4IR ourselves, all GUN4IR products can be purchased from the official authorized distributor for the US and for Europe.

-          All games, PC configuration, cabinet related hardware, shipping is unrelated to RPEG Electronics or GUN4IR, that is the responsibility of Retro Lizard's Custom Arcades

-          All warranty and shipping for GUN4IR from RPEG Electronics IS covered by RPEG Electronics not us (insert company name here) , Please contact Ray at RPEG for availability , warranty, upgrades, and trade ins.

-          We have no financial or legal affiliation with RPEG or GUN4IR other than purchasing LED Sensors and installing/configuring guns on behalf of the client. 

Gun4IR along with its products, including logo, graphic design, hardware and software, is Copyrighted  and Trademarked  by Jean-Baptiste Bongrand. It is NOT an open source project. Any unauthorized and/or commercial use of the system or any of its parts in any country is strictly prohibited under penalty of law.

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