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Arcade GT Trackball Only Pedestal

Arcade GT Trackball Only Pedestal

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GT ped
The GT Mid size pedestal is a trackball only arcade. This pedestal only includes trackball classics with GT 97 - Fore plus many other trackball classics. 


  • Option one 

3 inch trackball,

2 player button set ups with admin buttons, LED or Happ buttons. 

ipac2 encoder, 

PC i5 3470, 8gb ram, GT 1030, 512gb internal SSD. 

  • Option two: all of the above plus flight stick with over 1500 classics. 

Please allow 8-12 weeks to complete. 

SHIPPING: not included. Shipping is not due until the build is completed. Please contact us for a quote. 

DISCLAIMER: we do not sell roms/games. Games are free and only included. All pricing includes, materials, parts, and labor only. 

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