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HERO 256SSD external drive.

HERO 256SSD external drive.

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This drive is set up for launchbox and includes includes clone hero with 5,000 songs plus the following games: 



GH Rock the 80’s, 


GH Smash Hits,

GH Van Halen,

GH Aerosmith, and

GH Metallica! 

This drive is plug n play with a raphnet adapter and Wii Les Paul guitar. These specific items are needed for this drive. 

PC SPECS REQUIRED: I5 or Ryzen 5, 8gb ram, and Nvidia 1030.

SHIPPING: please allow 15 business days to ship. 

DISCLAIMER: we are not responsible for your pc specs to meet the requirements to use this drive. It is up to the customer to know whether their PC will be able to use the drive. Please see above for minimal requirements. 


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