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Light Gun Plug n Play 512 External SSD Drive for IR & Non IR guns

Light Gun Plug n Play 512 External SSD Drive for IR & Non IR guns

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This drive is portable and is compatible for all light guns IR and Non IR. This drive includes 226 light gun only classics! 

Please be advised that our products are not associated and we are not affiliated with any company that produces light guns.

Please add a note to your cart to confirm which light gun you own or plan to purchase for the proper set up. Click view your cart to add the note. YOUR ORDER WILL BE REFUNDED IMMEDIATELY IF YOU DO NOT ORDER CORRECTLY.  Please be sure your email address is correct upon ordering. 

Please be advised Aimtrak is not compatible with all light gun games. Aimtrak customers will only receive 178 compatible games. 

Assistance with set up is provided at a schedule date and time. The customer is responsible to calibrate their light guns prior to the scheduled assistance. We do not offer assistance with Calibration. Assistance is provided through team viewer.

initial set up is required on this drive for certain games and updates. The configuration controls are pre-configured for a plug-in Play. Please be advised that glitches can happen and configuration over certain emulators. Video tutorials are provided. 

All pricing includes the cost of the drive, shipping, and assistance at any time. We do not sell Roms or charge per game. 

SHIPPING: shipping is included. International shipping not available.  Please allow 15 business days to ship. Please note that business day 1 is the day after you purchase. IE: if you purchase on a Friday the next business day is Monday. 

PC SPECS REQUIRED:  Ryzen 5, 8gb ram, and Nvidia 1650. 4K GPU minimal nvidia 3060 or 1080. Please note an I5 is not capable of running higher end games that use RPCS3. 

DISCLAIMER:  This is not a bootable drive. This drive requires a windows 10 PC to use.  We are not responsible if your PC does not meet the requirements to play these games. The customer is responsible to research and confirm they have the correct specs. We will NOT adjust your specs, GPU, or resolution to play any game. 

SET UP: Assistance with set up is only provided once. The drive must be set up on the PC you plan to use to play light gun games. If the customer gets a new PC or moves the drive to another PC and requests assistance with set up again, the customer will be charged $100 for a second set up. 


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