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Linked Arcade Racing Drives!

Linked Arcade Racing Drives!

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Have you ever wanted to play head to head racing in your arcade!!! The Retro Lizard Linked Racing drive will let you play up to 65 Linked Racing classics!!  plus 195 single player racing classics! 

These drives are pre-configured for a one and done configuration with your racing wheel! These drives are also plug n play with the Buy Stuff Racing Arcade encoder. 

What's included: 

  • Two 1TB SSD External Drives loaded with 195 single player racing classics and 65 linked racing classics! 
  • One LAN (offline) Router! 
  • Two 3ft Ethernet Cables! 

PC SPECS REQUIRED: Minimal Ryzen 5 or I5, 8gb ram, Nvidia 1050 or 1650. 

WHEEL: Thrust Master is recommended. All Logitech will require USB pedal adapters for compatibility with this product. 

SET UP: All orders include remote set up for the fastest way to play all of your retro favorites. Please contact us upon receipt of your product to schedule set up right away. 

SHIPPING: Please allow 15 business days to ship your order. 

DISCLAIMER: Please note these drives are set up for 1080P and 4K. Resolution requirements are 1920 x 1080 and 3460 x 2180. If you monitor does not output these resolutions then the Nvidia GPU will be required to force a custom resolution. 


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