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Mandalorian Din Djarin

Mandalorian Din Djarin

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Mandalorian Helmets are a must have for any Star Wars Fans! This Helmet is an adult sized wearable helmets. Each Helmet is hand made 3D printed! All Helmets are one size fits all. 


  • UNFINISHED: An unfinished helmet is a raw print that will be required to be finished by the customer. To finish the helmet, the customer will have to sand, smooth, paint and add internal supports to fit their head correctly. Please allow 10 business days to ship. 


  • FINISHED: The Finished helmet is exactly as it sounds. Each finished helmet will look similar to the stock photo.  The customer will only be required to add additional internal supports (provided) to fit their head correctly. Dome cushion supports will be installed and extra cushion supports will be provided for the customer to place as needed.  Please note, each adult head is a different size and the helmet will not fit exactly as the next person. Please allow 4-6 weeks to ship. 

SHIPPING: is included in the price. Shipping only to the UNITED STATES. 

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