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Pre Loaded Light Gun PC with Namco Jolt Recoil

Pre Loaded Light Gun PC with Namco Jolt Recoil

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This PC is preconfigured for plug n play action with two Namco jolt recoil arcade light guns for real recoil action in your own home! 

This PC included the retro lizard light gun drive with 181 classic light gun games!! 

PC Specs: Brand new Ryzen 5 six core PC with 8 gb of ram, nvidia 1050TI low profile GPU. 

SHIPPING: Shipping is included to the United States only. International shipping not available for this product. 

DISCLAIMER: we do not sell light guns. Each light gun is purchased on behalf of the customer from each company that sells light gun products. 

LIGHT GUN DISCLAIMER: Our Arcades now supporting Gun4IR Plug and Play!

-          GUN4IR Official High Powered Black LED Sensors Pre Installed.

-          USB flush mount jack with optional Recoil Power Jack.

-          Easy 2 min calibration, settings are saved direct to the gun, no background software needed after calibration is completed once.

-          We do NOT sell GUN4IR ourselves, all GUN4IR products can be purchased from the official authorized distributor for the US and for Europe.

-          All games, PC configuration, cabinet related hardware, shipping is unrelated to RPEG Electronics or GUN4IR, that is the responsibility of Retro Lizard's Custom Arcades

-          All warranty and shipping for GUN4IR from RPEG Electronics IS covered by RPEG Electronics not us (insert company name here) , Please contact Ray at RPEG for availability , warranty, upgrades, and trade ins.

-          We have no financial or legal affiliation with RPEG or GUN4IR other than purchasing LED Sensors and installing/configuring guns on behalf of the client. 

Gun4IR along with its products, including logo, graphic design, hardware and software, is Copyrighted  and Trademarked  by Jean-Baptiste Bongrand. It is NOT an open source project. Any unauthorized and/or commercial use of the system or any of its parts in any country is strictly prohibited under penalty of law.

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