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Arcade1up Simpsons Mod!

Arcade1up Simpsons Mod!

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This product is to modify your existing Simpsons 1up with new controls and additional classics to play. This mod includes 3,000, 2-3 button classics including 20 trackball classics!!! 


Included with this mod: 

PC Sound bar, 

4 player upgraded LED buttons and controls, 

Mini i5 PC running the batocera Retro Lizard Simpsons image, 

12 -1 board for OEM trackball, 

VSD display adapter, 

hdmi cable, 

Power Strip, and 

remote outlet. 

The customer must own the Simpsons 1up to have this mod completed. 

Time frame to complete is 8 weeks. 

SHIPPING back to the customer is included to the United States Only. The customer must ship the CPO for us to modify. 

DISCLAIMER: games/roms are free. We do not charge for games. All prices include, labor, material, parts, and shipping to complete the product. 


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