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The Mega Lizard Fatality 4k 2 Player Arcade

The Mega Lizard Fatality 4k 2 Player Arcade

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The Mega Lizard 2 player is a 4K 32inch 2 player Arcade with the retro lizard 20tb drive running 16k classics! 

The Mega lizard brain is a ASRock motherboard with a Ryzen 5 CPU running 16gb of ram (upgradable to 128gb of ram), 750watt Psu, 500gb SSD internal drive and 1080TI for maximum gaming support!!!  

Vizio sound bar with subwoofer and 32inch 4k monitor included. Each arcade also includes custom graphics! 

Time to complete is 12 weeks from date of purchase. 

All arcades are delivered plug n play! 

Shipping to the United States Only. Shipping not included. Contact us for a quote. All shipping is not due until the arcade is complete. 

DISCLAIMER: we do not sell roms/games. Games are free. We include as many games as possible on the storage device we use. All prices are only for materials, parts, and labor to build the custom arcade. 

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