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The Portable Retro Gun Box including 127 Light Gun Classics!

The Portable Retro Gun Box including 127 Light Gun Classics!

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Welcome to the new world of light guns! The portable retro gun box allows you to take your light guns anywhere! The portable retro gun box includes 127 light gun classics! Simply plug in your HDMI cable, light guns, and turn on to enjoy all of the memories and new memories your going to create with this product for the whole family! 

Light Guns sold separately! The portable retro light gun box is pre-configured for a true plug n play experience. All Light Guns are Compatible! 

Shipping is included. Please allow 4 weeks to ship your order. All products are made to order. 

SPECS: The portable retro gun box is wired with an IPAC Encoder set to Xinput mode. PC is a Mini Dell Optiplex, I5, 8GB Ram, and 256 SSD. 

GRAPHICS: Custom Graphics Included. More Options to come. 

  • Punisher, 
  • Resident Evil 
  • Area 51 
  • Virtua Cop 

Please add to cart, click view cart and place a note in the cart for which graphic you would like. 

WARRANTY: 90 Day warranty included. 

DISCLAIMER: Retro Lizard's Custom Arcades is not affiliated and/or responsible for any light gun on the market. This product is recommended specifically to use with NON IR LIGHT GUNS. 

FAQ: Why aren't light guns included? The Portable Retro Light Gun box is compatible with all light guns on the market including wii remotes. The customer has their choice to choose which light gun they would like to use with the product and can purchase directly from the manufacturer or use one they already own. 

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