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The Ultimate Home PC Console

The Ultimate Home PC Console

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Have you ever wanted an all in one multi gaming console with thousands of classics at your finger tips to play? The Ultimate Gaming PC Console brings this home to you. 


The Ultimate Gaming PC console is loaded with 20tb hard drive with 16tb’s filled 17,000 classics to current Gen and an extra 4tb’s to add on any future current Gen that gets released and steam compatible. 

4k specs: ASUS Ryzen 5, 16gb of ram (upgradable to 128gb), 750 watt PSU, 2080ti GPU, 512ssd and  20TB hard drive. 

1080P Specs: ASROCK Ryzen 5, 8gb of ram (upgradable to 32gb), 500 watt Psu, 1660 super GPU, 512 SSD and 20tb hard drive. 

Each option includes two Xbox controllers and wii remotes. 

The Ultimate Gaming PC Console demo:

SHIPPING: included in the price. Shipping is 8 weeks from the date of purchase. Shipping to the United States Only. 

DISCLAIMER: we do not sell roms/games. All prices include parts, materials, programming, configuration, and labor to build the product for the customer. 

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